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26. 5. 2016
Druh pracovného pomeru:plný úväzok
Ponúkaná mzda (brutto):94000 € / rok
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Informácie o pracovnom mieste

Staff specialist for the department of urology at the Regional Hospital, Denmark

We are currently looking for European specialists in urology, who seek new challenges, professionally as well as personally. If you are looking for stable surroundings, attractive working conditions, possibilities for professional development, a better work-life balance and a future life in one of Europe’s top welfare states, in Scandinavia, this opportunity might be just what you have been looking for.

Desired skills for the position:

  • Specialisation in Urology
  • Experience and interest in treatment of benign urological diseases
  • Professional command of English is required
  • Motivation for living and working abroad

About the department:
The department of urology is a highly specialised department. It offers a large number of examinations and operations. It can receive patients of all ages who have problems related to the urinary tract.
At the department, cooperation and development is highly valued. In order to strengthen development, doctors, nurses, secretaries and other employees are offered a great amount of further education. In addition, the department of urology has students within almost all of the specialized professions.

Daily tasks and patient profile:
On a daily basis, you will be responsible for diagnostics and treatment of patients suffering from all types of benign urological diseases, including urolithiasis and TUR-B.
The department does not perform malign urological operations like cystectomy, prostatectomy, nephrectomy and laparoscopy.

The inpatient ward:
The urological inpatient ward is characterized by having quality and efficiency as top priority.
The ward is managed by a staff nurse, who is responsible for the other nurses and the health care workers.
The ward has 12 beds: all of which are 24/7 beds and function as a nursing and treatment area within the surgical field. The unit receives patients suffering from diseases in the urinary passage and the majority of the patients are treated surgically under optimize circumstances also known as accelerated patient care.
The ward also receives acute patients at all hours of the day and night through the admission ward.
The staff consists of doctors, nurses, health care workers, secretaries, service assistants and of students and trainees.

The outpatient ward:
The outpatient ward receives 8900 patients suffering from urological problems on a yearly basis.
The patients arrive for outpatient pre-examinations and treatment after outpatient treatment as well as follow-ups.
Many of the patients get their microscopy lab reports after their operation and a plan for future and further treatment.
Fundamentally, the department of urology is influenced by the fact that many of its patients spend a relatively short amount of time at the department and that they have to travel quite far in order to get there. This has led to thorough and determined planning of its health services as well as frequent contact with the patient in question via phone or letter.
The outpatient department is characterized by having a large patient flow. The contact it has with the patient is short and intensive and the patients who visit the department multiple times are given a contact doctor and a contact nurse. This means that every single patient is being attended to according to their needs, by the same doctor who has often both seen the patient in the outpatient department and performed the operation.
In the outpatient ward, the contact nurse plans the course of the nursing and treatment program in collaboration with the patient and the contact doctor so it matches the treatment plan.
The day-to-day management is handled by the members of staff, who work in both the inpatient ward and the outpatient department. This means that the patients will often know the specialists they meet both at the outpatient department and possibly also at the later/earlier admission to the ward.

You and your family will be offered:

  • Permanent contract regulated by the Danish collective agreement
  • Min. yearly salary: 94.000 Euro (including pension benefits)
  • 37 hour working week
  • 6 weeks paid holiday
  • A free, intensive language course and Danish Medical Language Programme with settlement assistance and free accommodation in Budapest prior to work start
  • A short trip to Denmark prior to the language course, where you will have the opportunity to visit your future work place and living area
  • Cultural teaching prior to departure
  • Language course for your spouse and elderly children
  • Partner Integration Program with a personal consultant
  • Accommodation assistance in Denmark
  • Assistance in administrative processes when moving to Denmark
  • Assistance for your spouse in search of employment and integration in Denmark
  • Guidance regarding schooling and child care
  • Access to our candidate network in Denmark
  • Information on Danish tax matters
  • Hotline service for urgent questions
  • Extra Danish classes after arrival to Denmark
  • Coaching, regular evaluation and assistance in integration process

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