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1. 6. 2016
Druh pracovného pomeru:plný úväzok
Ponúkaná mzda (brutto):60000 DKK / mesiac
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Informácie o pracovnom mieste

Specialist in Ophthalmology, Private clinic

About the clinic:
The Ophthalmology Clinic diagnoses and treat patients with mixed collection of ophthalmic medical conditions. All of the clinic’s patients have been referred to the clinic by either their GPs, or a specialized hospital department.
The clinic offers the following treatments:

  • control of diabetic patients
  • control and diagnose of glaucoma and cataract patients
  • control and diagnose of patients with AMD
  • control and diagnose of children with eyesight problems and/or squint
  • control, diagnose and treatment of patients with immediate eye diseases
  • iris
  • traumas
  • foreign objects
  • acute loss of vision
  • pain

The Clinic is staffed with one ophthalmology specialist, and a secretary. Good cooperation skills are therefore essential, as is experience in working with the abovementioned treatments and a high level of motivation for running an independent clinic.
The staff’s mutual goal is to offer the patients the best possible treatment of their problems or illnesses.
As a specialist in ophthalmology, your primary task is to make sure that the patients are given the best possible treatment. This involves informing the patients about their treatment and by making the patients aware of the advantages, disadvantages and risks connected with the treatment.

The desired candidates have:

  • A minimum of 5 years’ experience in Ophthalmology
  • Professional command of English
  • Motivation for living and working abroad
  • Ambition of having an own private clinic
  • Patient orientedness, co-operative skills, entrepreneurial spirit, business oriented mind-set, long term perspective

Description of positions:

  • Modern private clinic with good infrastructure, built-up patient circle, loyal and experienced staff and in a solid financial situation
  • 40 working hours a week organized in a family friendly way
  • Friendly atmosphere with colleagues as well as patients and state of the art treatment and equipment
  • Location: medium sized town area
  • 5 weeks paid holiday

The guaranteed salary of an ophthalmologist is gross 60 000 DKK/month (app. 8000 EUR); and the specialist has the possibility to earn bonus if the budget is overperformed.
What we offer:

  • A free, intensive language course and Danish Medical Language Program in Budapest with compensation for lost income and accommodation
  • A trip to Denmark prior to the language course where the candidate and his/her family can see their clinic, and check out the local community
  • Cultural teaching prior to departure
  • Assistance and guidance in administrative processes
  • Accommodation and integration assistance in Denmark
  • Legal framework and expertise

Partner Programme and Family Integration:

  • Free Danish language course and family program in Budapest
  • Partner Program with a personal integration consultant in Budapest or on-line
  • Assistance for your spouse in search of employment and integration in Denmark
  • Guidance regarding schooling and child care
  • Access to our candidate network in Denmark
  • Information on Danish tax matters
  • Hotline service for urgent questions
  • Extra Danish classes after arrival to Denmark
  • Coaching, regular evaluation and assistance in integration process